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We Do More Than Just Wash Rugs

Omaha’s Rug Cleaning and Restoration not only washes your rugs, we also offer advanced services to repair and protect your rugs to extend their life and beauty.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Washing

Pet Odor Control

Moth Treatment

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Stain Protector

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Color Correction

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Do you have pets?

Our Pet Urine Barrier Rug Pad includes a Moisture Barrier designed to keep pet urine from ruining your hardwood and other floors.

Which Rug Customer Are You?

So, are you the customer with the 20, 30, or 50 thousand dollar rug? The one of a kind rug that all of your friends admire?

Maybe you are the customer with a 2, 3, or $400 rug and it is the only rug that goes with your décor in your Living room. And go figure, it is a rug that the store no longer makes and the last one in stock was just sold.

Or maybe, you are the customer that has your Great, Great Grandmother’s Rug that has been handed down to you… Obviously this rug means the world to you!!!

Cam Mayville, Owner Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration

Most of Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration’s clients fit into one of these categories which always brings me to this question…

Why would you trust just any rug cleaner with your one of a kind rug?


Are They Insured?

We have been using Lemars for the past few years & we have recently switched to Columbia. We are more than happy to prove it with a certificate of insurance when you come in to drop off your rug. All rug washing specialists should be willing to do this. If they don’t , whatever you do…

DO NOT give them your rug!

Many Different Methods

Washing/Cleaning Rugs is very different from cleaning everyday carpet, so you need to know what they do different. Here at Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration we have many different methods for all different rugs. Not a “one way fits all” process!

Are they Wool Safe Certified?

Do they use wool safe products on your wool rugs? Many cleaners do not and I will never understand why.

Just to save a few bucks?

Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration uses wool safe products on all wool rugs every time!

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What Is Their Guarantee?

My final recommendation is to find out what their Guarantee is.

Make sure they explain it so you know exactly what it is! Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration is simply this…

If you are not THRILLED with our service you don’t pay!


How Do They Remove Dry Soil?

This is a big question and could be the most important one. You cannot just vacuum the dry soil out of a rug. Even just wet cleaning with the strongest truck mount in the world will not remove the dry soil.

So lets get to what that BIG QUESTION is!

Ask the cleaner this… Do you dust more than one way?

Yes that’s the important question. You can’t just dust one or two ways. You have to have a variety of ways to remove the different types of dry soil. Here is an example. If dealing with a tufted rug you do not want to tumble or use a Rug Badger on the rug. Both of these methods with damage the latex that holds the rug together. There are also certain handmade rugs that you do not want to tumble as well. So this is where using the air dusting method is best. Vacuuming these type of rugs may be the safest way as well.

So each rug is so different that we dust 5 different ways.

  1. Using Harmonic Vibration with the Rug Badger
  2. Using a Saintaire Vacuum and we vacuum front and back
  3. Air dusting, this method is gentle safe and very effective
  4. Beat the rug like Grandma use to do. Yeah its not easy but if grandma can do it so can we. 🙂
  5. Using our Tumbler, this tumbles the rugs to break up dry soil and allows for the dry soil to fall out of the rug while being sucked out at the same time.

Remember there is no one way to clean a rug or dust a rug. That’s why here at Omaha’s Rug Cleaning we are the only company with epxterise in all methods. Not only that but we teach around the country showing others these techniques and how to be the best. If you have any doubt where to go, visit our facility first and we will show you firsthand how we do things.