Rugs Are Functional Too!

by Lynn Tall,

The rugs in our homes certainly are an expression of our style and taste, but they also provide useful, practical functions: they act as a filter, help absorb sound, protect the floors beneath, and (literally) anchor our furniture.


All the dust, pollen, pet hair, smoke, and other airborne particles eventually land on our tabletops and rugs. When we vacuum, the allergens near the surface are removed. Only deep-down rug washing by a professional will truly remove the stuff that filters down to the base of the rug, but in most cases it’s not necessary to do that kind of cleaning more than once a year.


Noisy shoes, pet nails or claws, kid’s toys, video games, telephone conversations… These things all seem amplified when rugs are not in place. Having that soft textile on the floor helps to damper the sounds that carry.


All it takes is one bad scrape of a chair or coffee table to put a deep scratch in your wood floor. Having area rugs (and a proper rug pad underneath) goes a long way toward protecting those gleaming floors!


Have you ever gone to sit on a sofa and have it slide several inches? When we utilize good furniture placement on our rugs, we help keep our furniture from sudden shifting and creeping. Please refer to the slideshow for ideas.