Our 7-Step Process

Beat the Rug

1. Dry Soil removal with the Rug Badger

Them most effective way to clean a rug and prolong it’s life is to remove ALL of the heave dry soil and sediment that had sunk down in between the fibers and to the bottom. It used to be that the only way to remove this dirt (and not very effectively) was to shake it out …

OR …Beat it out…

Instead, We use the RugBadger…

A powerful  machine designed to deliver  penetrating harmonic vibrations deep into the back of a rug.

It shakes loose the trapped dirt from deep in the foundation and in between the rug fibers.

2. Thorough Vacuuming

Rug Care Tip: The Importance of Vacuuming
Vacuuming is probably one of the best ways to ensure that your rug is clean and in good shape. Vacuuming helps eliminate any dust and dirt stuck on your rug fibers, which can result in discoloration and the clumping together of the rug fibers. Vacuuming greatly helps keep your rug in the best condition too as it removes and prevents dust and dirt build-up that can damage it in the long run. The best frequency when it comes to vacuuming is three to five times for rugs in heavily used areas such as the living room. Other less used areas are good with vacuuming once or twice per week.

3. Color Fast Testing

This determines whether we will use our Wet or Dry method of cleaning. This is also why a rug should never ever be cleaned in a home. Some of our Color Fast testing can take up to 24 hours. Sometimes its better to be safe then sorry. Cleaning a rug in someones home is never the safe way!

4. Wet or Dry-Cleaning

5. Rinse and extraction (Extraction not needed if Dry-Cleaned)

6. Fringe Cleaning (if applicable)

Area Rug Fringe Cleaning

7. All rugs are dried in our special dry room!

This room is humidity controlled, temperature controlled and we also control the air flow in this room for the fastest drying possible. This room has been designed with a special air flow system that is underneath the floor. Holes have been drilled every 6 inches and placed just right to dry those touchy rugs that must be dried on the floor only.