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Omaha’s Rug Spa Warranty

You now have the strongest warranty in the rug cleaning business. You have received your warranty with your Fabric Protection or when you purchased your new Rug from some of our select business partners.

Here are just a few things that you need to know about your new warranty.


  1. Your warranty does not cover urine, disperse dyes (mustard), red stains, and some tannin stains. These spills make take more time and product to remove them. However, you will receive 20% off any service that is not covered if something happens to your rug.
  2. Your warranty expires 1 week from the date on your warranty card or Rug Spa invoice.
  3. If something happens to your rug use the spot remover given to you and carefully remove the dirt or spot. If you cannot remove the spot call Omaha’s Rug Spa immediately.
  4. Because you have the warranty we will schedule you right away. Drop your rug off as soon as possible or you can use our pick up and delivery service which you will receive a 10% discount.

How to Renew Your Warranty

  1. You will receive notice from our office to renew. You will be scheduled to wash your rug and reapply the fabric protection and your warranty will be renewed.
  2. If you choose not to wash your rug at that time you can pay 20% of the price to clean and protect and we will extend your warranty for 1 year

One last thing to remember! Because you have the warranty you will always be a preferred customer. You will always be first to know our specials and will be sent emails to keep you up to date with our services. Also when you have an emergency you will be moved automatically to the front of the line.

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