Our Cleaning and Protection Process

Our entire rug care process was carefully designed with your precious rugs in mind. We use products and equipment specially created for the rug industry (not carpet cleaning) that are safe and gentle enough for silk, and wool,  and are of the highest quality.

Step 1:

Pick-up and Delivery

Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration provides FREE pick-up and delivery within the Omaha/Lincoln area on any order totaling more than $200.00. Pick-up and delivery days are limited to Tuesday and Thursday, or by special appointment. You may pick-up or drop off rugs to the shop Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm, or on Saturday by appointment.

Step 2:

Pre-inspection and Photo Documentation

We take the time to inspect each rug prior to cleaning. We test the dyes for stability, and look for stains, moth damage, and any worn or damaged areas of concern that may become problematic during cleaning. We also look closely at the fibers of your rugs because wool, silk, cotton, and other specialty fibers all respond differently to cleaning. Inspecting allows us to design a “best-method” approach for each rug that comes in for care.

Step 3:

Cleaning Method Tailored For Your Rug

Your rugs are never sitting in a bath with other rugs. Each rug is cared for individually, so that there is never a risk of cross contamination, or a necessity to use bleaches in the tub to reduce bacteria levels. Not all rugs are washed or cleaned the same way. We will always employ the best method for each rug.

Step 4:

Dusting With Our 3 Step Dusting Services

The most effective way to clean a rug and prolong it’s life is to remove ALL of the heave dry soil and sediment that had sunk down in between the fibers and to the bottom. It used to be that the only way to remove this dirt (and not very effectively) was to shake it out … OR …Beat it out… Instead, We use the Rumbler…A powerful  machine designed to combine tumbling action with airflow to remove dirt trapped deep in the the back of a rug. It shakes loose the trapped dirt from deep in the foundation and in between the rug fibers..

Step 5:

Guranteed Odor Control
(if needed)

Our focus here is not only the visible pet urine or feces, but also the interior part of your rug, where the worst part of the pet damage is hiding. Surface cleaning and over-the-counter topical sprays can’t get to the odor-causing bacteria deep within the fibers of your rugs. Our GUARANTEED pet odor control treatment ensures that your rugs will be sanitary, fresh, and clean.

Step 6:

Clean Rug And Fringes

Step 7:

Our Special No Residue Rinse

Step 8:

Apply Fabric Protectant
(if requested)

Professionally applied protector will give you an extra window of time to attend to a spill or stain. If rugs are left untreated, spills are absorbed quickly, potentially becoming permanent. Protectors also help soils to release from the fibers during vacuuming, but regular maintenance is still necessary to keep your traffic areas clean. We can apply protector to your rugs and wall-to-wall carpets!

Step 9:

Moth Resist
(if requested)

Step 10:

Post Inspection

Step 11:

Prep For
Pick-up and Delivery

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