Our Cleaning and Protection Process

  1. Pick Up & Delivery
  2. Pre Inspection and Photo Documentation
  3. Cleaning Method Tailored for Your Rug
  4. Dusting with our 3 step Dusting Services The most effective way to clean a rug and prolong it’s life is to remove ALL of the heave dry soil and sediment that had sunk down in between the fibers and to the bottom. It used to be that the only way to remove this dirt (and not very effectively) was to shake it out … OR …Beat it out… Instead, We use the Rumbler…

    A powerful  machine designed to combine tumbling action with airflow to remove dirt trapped deep in the the back of a rug. It shakes loose the trapped dirt from deep in the foundation and in between the rug fibers.


  5. Guaranteed Odor Control (If needed)
  6. Clean Rug and Fringes
  7. Our Special NO residue rinse
  8. Apply Fabric Protectant (if requested)
  9. Moth Resist ( if requested)
  10. Post Inspection
  11. Prep for Pickup or Delivery

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