Don’t Hide That Spill Or Stain, Remove It!

by Lynn Tall,

When spills or pet accidents happen on your rugs, it’s very easy to just roll them up and put them in the garage until you’re ready to deal with it. Think twice before you do! More than just a visual embarrassment, spills and pet stains can be damaging to the fibers and foundation yarns in our rugs.

Dry rot is the breakdown of the cellulosic fibers in the foundation of a rug (usually cotton) due to water damage that does not get dried out properly and stays too wet for too long. The most common cause in rugs are frequent pet urine stains or over-watered plants. The rotted area can be removed and patched, but it leaves the textile weak in that area. These rugs should be handled and cleaned with care.

Dye bleed happens when a high pH spill or stain has enough time to work on the bonds of a low pH dye, as is used on the wools of most area rugs. The most common cause in rugs are pet urine stains or over-the-counter spot cleaning products. The color shift that occurs can be expensive to repair, if it can be repaired at all. These rugs need special chemistry. Not any rug shampoo will do! One specially formulated for fugitive dyes is necessary.


Pests like carpet moths actually prefer soiled wool over clean. Mice and squirrels have been known to make homes for their babies in improperly stored rugs in the garage too! If a rug goes into storage before cleaning, you may find a surprise when you eventually go to have it cleaned. Pest damage can be costly to repair, but it can be done. If you find evidence of an infestation, you may also want to consult a local pest-control company. Rugs with a pest infestation need to be contained and removed from your home carefully, so the problem doesn’t spread.

Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration can assist you with all of the above. Our process is safe for dry rot and color damaged rugs, we offer Guaranteed Odor Control for your pet stained rugs, and our repairers will be happy to look your rugs over and provide you with a repair estimate.

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