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Don’t Hide That Spill Or Stain, Remove It!

by Lynn Tall, www.rugadvocate.com When spills or pet accidents happen on your rugs, it’s very easy to just roll them up and put them in the garage until you’re ready to deal with it. Think twice before you do! More than just a visual embarrassment, spills and pet...

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My Rug Isn’t Square!

by Lynn Tall, www.rugadvocate.com Have you ever noticed that the sides of your rug aren’t quite straight? Maybe you’ve wondered if one end is wider than the other. Is this a trick of the eye or is something else going on? While the weaver is stringing the loom, if...

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Dry Soil Removal

by Lynn Tall, www.rugadvocate.com Thorough dry soil removal is the key to extending the life of your area rugs and carpets. Sandy, gritty, tracked-on dirt causes fiber wear. Under microscopic examination, this kind of soil looks like jagged glass with sharp, toothy...

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Silk Rugs

By Lynn Tall, www.rugadvocate.com It’s time for a BUYER BEWARE article. Our customers often bring us silk rugs for cleaning. The sad truth is that many of the “SILK” rugs we see are not actually silk. At best, they may be a blend of lesser quality, lower performing...

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