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At Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration, we are experienced in all rug cleaning problems and situations.  Whether it’s an elegant silk or a large room-sized wool or a simple synthetic area rug, we’ve got you covered. Just call us right now at (402) 212-1275 to talk with us about your area rug cleaning needs.

Our vast experience and the fact that we use the best tools and products available guarantee that your area rug is safe and will be cleaned to the highest of standards.

If you have any questions please call (402) 212-1275 and we will be more than happy to help.

Area Rug Tip: Move Your Rugs Around

This is one tip that may have a big effect in the condition and longevity of your rug. Moving your rugs around the house can sound like a very simple thing to do but it can really improve your rug’s state. Moving the rugs around can help avoid one particular area from being subjected to constant wear and tear. This wear and tear can be a source of cleaning and maintenance problems for your rug. Trying to move a rug in your study room with a rug in your living room after a few months can balance things out and ensure not one particular rug receive a constant wear and tear from regular use.


"...So glad that we found you..."

Thank you so much for cleaning our Oriental area rug. It looks fantastic. As I mentioned over the phone, we were having a terrible time finding the right business to clean our rug.

I’m so glad that we found you and definitely will be a repeat customer.

Thanks again for doing a fantastic job!

Sue and Dan S.
Wavery, NE

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Which Rug Customer Are You?

So, are you the customer with the 20, 30, or 50 thousand dollar rug? The one of a kind rug that all of your friends admire?

Maybe you are the customer with a 2, 3, or $400 rug and it is the only rug that goes with your decor in your Living room. And go figure, it is a rug that the store no longer makes and the last one in stock was just sold.

Or maybe, you are the customer that has your Great, Great Grandmothers Rug that has been handed down to you… Obviously this rug means the world to you!!!

Most of Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration’s clients fit into one of these categories which always brings me to this question…

Why would you trust just any other rug cleaner with your one of a kind rug?

Here are just a few things that you may want to consider when looking for a true rug washer….

  1. Are they insured? We have been using Lemars for the past few years & we have recently switched to Columbia. We are more than happy to prove it with a certificate of insurance when you come in to drop off your rug. All rug washing specialists should be willing to do this. If they don’t ,  whatever you do…

    DO NOT give them your rug!

  2. Washing/Cleaning Rugs is very different from cleaning everyday carpet, so you need to know what they do different. Here at Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration we have many different methods for all different rugs. Not a “one way fits all” process!
  3. Do they use wool safe products on your wool rugs? Many cleaners do not and I will never understand why. Just to save a few bucks? Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration uses wool safe products on all wool rugs every time!
  4. camrb1How do they remove dry soil? This is a big question and could be the most important one. You cannot just vacuum the dry soil out of a rug. Even just wet cleaning with the strongest truck mount in the world will not remove the dry soil. I have even heard of cleaners trying to use just an air compressors. I am not against using air compression. However, I truly believe it needs to be used in conjunction with harmonic vibration. Harmonic vibration is the only way to truly remove the larger sediments.  In my opinion why wouldn’t you arm yourself with both methods if available?  The Rug Badger is absolutely a must to remove dry soil. It is the MOST EFFECTIVE  way to remove the larger and smaller dry soil that is embedded in a rug and Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration is the ONLY COMPANY IN OMAHA DOING IT!
  5. My final recommendation is to find out what their Guarantee is. Make sure they explain it so you know exactly what it is! Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration is simply this…

 If you are not THRILLED with our service you don’t pay!

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